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Biography for Dave Hollander

Dave Hollander is a technology strategist and architect who has been on the leading edge of many key information technologies. Dave's career has concentrated on information management, blending new standards and technologies with corporate opportunities and needs. For example, while chief architect for, XML was invented in response to the need to find a better way to manage information.

Dave has had a leading role in the development of XML since its inception. He is a co-inventor of XML, was an orginal member of the first W3C XML Working Group, and currently leads the W3C XML Schema Working Group and Web Services Architecture Working Group. Dave co-authored the W3C Standard, _Namespaces in XML_, co-authored a book titled XML Applications by Wrox Press, and was technical editor for Modeling Business Objects with XML Schemas from Morgan-Kauffmann. Dave has also contributed to a variety of XML based eCommerce standards including OAGI, RosettaNet, OBI and the ECO Framework.

Focused on business oriented information management, Dave's corporate achievements include founding and chief architect of, leading the development of Contivo's semantic modeling technology, deployment of an internal HP-wide search engine and development a CD-ROM publishing system for all of HP's technical manuals. Dave has been on the advisory board for Cohera, XMology, OSM, and Noonetime and held senior technology positions at Contivo, CommerceNet, Hewlett Packard and Bell Laboratories.

Last Modified: July 15, 2002

Brief Bio

Dave Hollander is the Chief Technology Officer for Contivo, Inc. Dave is a co-inventor of XML and currently co-chairs the W3C Web Services Architecture Working Group, and XML Schema Working Group. Previous to joining Contivo, Dave held senior technology positions at Hewlett Packard, where he was chief architect of, Bell Laboratories and CommerceNet. Specializing in the Web, XML and eCommerce, Dave is a co-author of the W3C Specification " Namespaces in XML ", a book titled XML Applications, technical editor for books on XML based archtiectures, as well as many papers and presentations.

Last Modified: September 27, 2002

Standard Biography

Dave Hollander is the Chief Technical Officer for Contivo, Inc, the leading provider of auto-mapping solutions for integrating electronic business applications. Prior to joining Contivo, Dave held senior technology positions at CommerceNet, Hewlett Packard and Bell Laboratories. At Hewlett Packard, Dave was chief architect of

With his focus on business oriented information management, Dave has been involved in a number of technologies: XML, Information Management, World Wide Web, CD-ROM, computer graphics, and facsimile. He contributed to a variety of industry standards: XML, OSF-Davenport/DocBook, NISO/Rock-Ridge CD-ROM, CCITT/facsimile. Dave co-authored the Specification _Namespaces in XML_ and also co-authored a book titled XML Applications. Currently, Dave co-chairs the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Services Architecture Working Group, XML Coordination Group and XML Schema Working Group.

Last Modified: September 27, 2002

Long Biography for Dave Hollander

Dave has been teaching computers to help humans communicate for over 20 years. Dave is currently the Chief Technical Officer for Contivo, Inc. Contivo's unique approach to enabling eCommerce relationships is an exciting opportunity to pioneer the combination XML, semantic analysis, eCommerce and community based knowledge systems. As the primary driver of Contivo's eCommerce solutions for accelerating deployment of B2B eCommerce trading networks, Dave is helped bring the Contivo eService to market and create the vision and relationships that will drive its success.

As a co-inventor of XML, Dave's involvement with XML began before XML had a name. Seeking a more efficient means to manage the large amount of data delivered by HP.COM, Dave was a member of the initial XML Working Group (known then as the Web-SGML working group). Dave co-authored the W3C Namespaces in XML Recommendation and XML Applications, a book from Wrox Press. Currently, Dave serves as co-chair of the W3C Web Services Architecture Group and XML Schemas Working Group.

Prior to joining Contivo, held senior technical positions as CommerceNet, Hewlett-Packard and Bell Laboratories as well as other companies. These positions provided a broad view of computer assisted human business communications. Dave developed facsimile and teleconferencing systems, animation and presentation graphics systems and when CD-ROMs were introduced, Dave joined Phillips and Dupont Optical to provide technical support for the emerging market and became interested in large-scale information publishing.

Most recently, Dave was a Director at CommerceNet which provided the opportunity to apply his background in XML, Knowledge Management and the Web to a wide range of research initiatives as well as contributing to projects such as to the eCo Framework, OBI and the Catalog Interoperability Project.

At Hewlett-Packard Dave developed CD-ROM publishing systems that are still in use today. The large quantities of information published monthly, at that time HP was the largest industrial CD-ROM publisher, led to the investigation of emerging information standards, including SGML an ISO standard for document markup. Dave led efforts to deploy SGML within HP and also worked with the OSF and Davenport Group to develop industry support for SGML based computer documentation. Dave then joined HP's corporate marketing group to architect, develop and operate HP.COM as it grew from an initial 5000 hits per day to over 1 million hits per day. In other corporate groups at HP, Dave was the architect for various intranet efforts including proxy server and web browser deployments, an intranet search engine providing access to 5000 servers and more than a million documents and an XML based product information publishing system.

On the personal side, Dave is a husband, father of two boys, and enjoys achieving very high scores at local golf courses.

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