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Dave Hollander has been teaching computers how to help humans communicate for over 20 years. He is a technology strategist and architect who has been on the leading edge of many key information technologies. Dave's career has concentrated on information management, blending new standards and technologies with corporate opportunities and needs. For example, XML was invented while chief architect for hp.com in response to the need to find a better way to manage the site.

Since its inceptionDave has had a leading role in the development of XML . He is a co-inventor, member of the first XML Working Group, co-chaired the XML Schemas Working Group, and co-chaired in the Web Services Architecture Working Group. Dave co-authored the W3C Standard, “Namespaces in XML”, co-authored a book titled XML Applications by Wrox Press, and was technical editor for XML Schemas from Morgan-Kauffmann. Dave has also contributed to a variety of eCommerce standards: MISMO, OAGI, RosettaNet, OBI and the ECO Framework.

Focused on business oriented information management, Dave's corporate achievements include founding and chief architect of www.hp.com, leading the development of Contivo's semantic modeling technology, deployment of an internal HP-wide search engine and development a CD-ROM publishing system for all of HP's technical manuals. Dave has been on the advisory board for Cohera, XMology, OSM, and Noonetime and held senior technology positions at Contivo, CommerceNet, Hewlett Packard and Bell Laboratories.

On the personal side, Dave is a husband, father of two, active in the schools, enjoys achieving very high scores at local golf courses.

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